About us

LASAGACIA was founded in 2014. Lasagacia is a large scale beauty retailer. At the beginning of the establishment of LASAGACIA, the main business was to provide cosmetics wholesale services for famous Hong Kong entities, and to professionally wholesale cosmetics, skin care products, perfumes and other related products of various famous brands in the world.

With ultra-low wholesale prices and high quality products, it has won the favor of the merchants. With the expansion of the business, LASAGACIA’s independent online store officially began operations, selling more than 20,000 international famous brand products, and the products are directly sold in more than 190 countries.

After ten years of continuous development and the support of our professional service team, we continue to improve our services and continue to improve your shopping experience.

LASAGACIA.COM is committed to being the leader in the future of e-retail websites with its philosophy of innovation and modernity. The brand philosophy is: “The happiest person is not the one who gets the most; the most is the one who gives the most.” Lasagacia’s vision is to provide customers with preferential prices to enable customers to buy their favorite skin care products. Lasagacia.com business unit and team members maintain our vision through the values ​​of our daily lives and the unique Lasagacia spirit we bring to each project.


We offer a great variety of skincare and cosmetic products from all over the world with competitive prices, many promotion campaigns and fantastic member rewards to save your money. We aim to provide high quality products and safe and secure payment platform, enhancing your normal online shopping experience.

Our professional procurement team continues to source the most prestigious products from around the world for each of our valuable customers. We strive to offer the best quality, the hottest items at the lowest prices to cater to every customer’s needs. LASAGACIA provide you with all the skincare, cosmetics, haircare, bodycare and perfume products that are highly sought-after.


In the past year, we have expanded our business globally and LASAGACIA has now launched into Hong Kong with the purpose of bringing us one step closer to our beloved customers.


Today, we are not only the retailer of skincare and cosmetics stores, but also an innovative platform. We aim to develop more our exclusive collection, like LASAGACIA Beauty Box.

In the coming years, we will be launching more our own items for customers worldwide.