We are a company that provides skin care OEM and ODM services. We work with different high profile manufacturer that have over a decade of experience in the skin care industry.

We are a prestigious partner in formulation, manufacturing, design, packaging and filling of a unique skin care products.

We provide ODM services to worldwide famous brands and well established companies, beauty salons, spa centre and other successful influencers and professionals . As we are partnering with manufacturer located in Switzerland, we value premium skin care products and advanced formulations, and we guarantee a superior quality and confidentiality policy.




Before starting, you’ll meet and discuss your idea with our team to define your specifications.

Packaging sourcing & Graphic design

The selection of a retail container is an important step in your cosmetic’s development. We know that beautiful packaging catches the consumer’s attention and enhances the sales experience. We offer attractive cosmetic packaging design that matches your brand positioning. 


Coordinate with our manufacturer partners

We’ll help coordinate with the suitable manufacturer and the chemists will find the most appropriate active ingredients and raw materials for your formula.


According to the requirements of your products, we can use the existing formulas or customise formula to meet your expectations. 




Before going into production, we help you to make sure your cosmetic product is compliant with European and international cosmetics regulation. 

manufacturing & LOGISTIC

Once in compliance with regulations, your formula is ready for industrial transposition in order to guarantee formula consistency during the manufacturing phase.

We help organize the shipping of your skincare products to around the world and arrange directly to your appointed warehouse.

We are a current GMP(US FDA) & ISO22716 (EC) compliant factory which is required by almost all the Countries in the World when importing Cosmetic/Personal care products. We carry out our GMP audit every year to ensure our facilities and practices are up-to-date. Because of our expertise, achievements and commitments to social responsibilities in the Industry, we are awarded one of the Best SME in Hong Kong.

Let’s create an original product together

Our team will be happy to help.